3 Unusual Ways to Get Free Traffic

January 11, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Web traffic

there is no doubt that traffic is the key of a successful blog , without traffic you don’t have to expect any revenues. There are many ways to get free traffic . If you want to start a successful blog you have to generate traffic in order to make money.
here are my  3 unusual ways to get free traffic for you site :

3 Unusual Ways to Get Free Traffic

1# Convert Your Articles into Pdf 

There are many sites out there that allows you to upload your documents for free, how can you benefit from that?  here’s how :
Well you need a tool  for converting your articles into pdf , “html to pdf ” is a good one 
when you have converted your articles into pdf files share them on Scribd and slideshare. i recently wrote an article where i talk about this way in this post : 2 very easy ways to boost your blog traffic.

2#Automatically email your posts whenever you publish

in the blogger new interface now you are allowed to mail your posts to any email you want whenever you publish. this is a very easy way to boost your blog traffic
if you want to enable this feature 
1# Log-in to your blogger account
2# go to settings

3# then click on “mobile and email “

3 Unusual Ways to Get Free Traffic
put your emails on the box separated by commas

3# create reports and give them away

create reports about your site and give them away this is a cool way to boost your blog traffic for free,write an ebook talking about your site and  upload it to all the document sharing sites, share it with your friends and do everything to promote your ebook and get free traffic for your site

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