10 Valuable Tips For Writing Blog Posts

August 24, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blogging Guide,Make Money Blogging,Writing Tips

When looking for tips on blogging, it is important that you focus on the things that are meant to guide you on how you can influence people and make your posts useful to them. It is true that blogging can bring in a lot of advantages, but if your mind is spending too much time on how you can maximize these benefits for your good, you might lose sight of the more valuable aim — and that is to make people happy and show them how they can make better choices. Here are some Tips For Writing Blog Posts:

  1. Talk about your own experiences.

You have a story to tell, be it your own personal experience with a product or an event. It is your story that you can tell powerfully and the lessons you learned from it, or whatever opinions you have, are the stuff that you can share with a lot of conviction.

  1. Write on things that have an emotional hold on you.

Before you write about anything, make sure that you are going to pour your heart over this matter. Writers who write about things that don’t matter to them come up with pages of write-ups that they’d be happy to part soon with. Be different and write from the heart.

  1. Try out different writing styles.

Write about different topics and try out different approaches. You’ll find your own unique writing voice, which will set you apart from other bloggers.

  1. Don’t expect the same appraisal from everyone.

People have diverse ways on looking at things, so never anticipate the same response from the audience. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion and they have different motivations for responding this or that way. Be honest in everything that you do, and people will see that you don’t mean any harm.

  1. Be a lover of ideas.

You are a writer and your duty is to share ideas that can help people become better people or find real value for their money. When an idea or thought strikes you, drop anything you’re doing and jot down that idea. People would surely appreciate that you have the heart to give them ideas that are important to you.

  1. Encourage your readers to take action.

Sharing information is important, but if your readers won’t act on the information that you have just shared, you might be missing the whole point for which you are writing. Strategize and strategize hard to make sure that your readers are compelled to incorporate into their lives the benefits you want them to get.

  1. Hook your readers so that they will drop by your blog frequently.

Good blog writers have long-term plans for their readers. Be someone like that and start out by building trust in your readers. You can write about something that’s on your mind on a daily basis and when they see that you write something that’s really worth their time, you will build up a host of avid followers.

  1. Do regular brainstorming.

To be successful, you also need to generate your own ideas. Some bloggers use the mind mapping technique for this, but remember that your readers are smart enough to sense if your ideas are original or if they were just copied from another site. “I’ve read this somewhere” is something that you must avoid your readers saying or thinking.

  1. Don’t publish everything.

You will definitely experience low moments — those times when you write articles that don’t seem to make sense. If you have doubts, simply throw it away, or don’t write when you know it is not the best time to do it. Rest assured that your so-called writer’s block will not last forever. If you are impatient to be up and writing again, find ways to inspire your creative juices, like taking a walk or spending time on a hobby.

  1. Just write!

Write, write, and write. Nothing is more effective in honing your craft than by actually doing it. You are a writer and continuously practicing your skills will make you churn out better blog posts.

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