4 great ways to find blogging inspiration

October 7, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blogging Guide

Writer’s block is much more common than you may believe. It is something that is usually quite hard to overcome. In the event that you wrote a lot in the past and you often blogged, it is a guarantee that you will eventually be faced with the unwanted situation in which you simply have no idea what to write. You would need ideas. In order to get them, here are some really interesting ways in which you can find them, methods that you may not have considered till now.

Set Up A Google Alert

If you do not actually know what you should write next as you are stuck, a great idea is to think about covering current events and news. It is not at all difficult to set up a Google Alert. In this way you would be aware of the news subtopics and topics that are trending. It would also introduce you, the blogger, to brand new content sources. You would be informed about the niche and everything that happens in a real time setting.

Learn What Competitors Blog About

You can so easily subscribe to blogs that are similar. This allows you to monitor the latest topics that are covered. It is a practice that is really simple, allowing you to gain much more than just blogging topics. You can easily enter a conversation, which is one thing that the other bloggers really want.

By seeing what others write about, we can gain inspiration for the blogs that we run. We can also remain up to date with the main topics that are covered at the moment. Just make sure that you do not tackle the subject in a similar way because that is not something that would be appreciated by your readers. Mimicking other blogs is something that you surely do not want to do.

Use Guest Authors

This is a technique that was used on many great blogs and that is still popular on sites like Blog For Web or ProBlogger. In the event that you simply cannot find information, guest bloggers will get you out of trouble. It is a practice that is often used as it keeps readers entertained while you take the time off to generate brand new blogging ideas. Several online tools are going to be perfect for locating guest bloggers that may be interested. In some situations you would have to pay them. However, in the event that you contact bloggers in the same industry, they may be interested in guest blogging for free.

Blogging About Mistakes You Made

This is quite interesting. People love to read about various mistakes that others made. It is something that you may not know anything about. Reading about mistakes makes us all feel human and we get to learn new things. Just reflect about a mistake that you did in the past, related to the topics you cover on your blog and then talk about it. You will find it that it is not difficult to blog about something like this since it is personal.

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