Grammarly : This one tool can save you from Grammatical errors, Public Embarrassments & SEO Penalties

June 16, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blogging Guide,Blogging Tools

Either you are a blogger, web developer or just a professional, you have to share your views, business proposals, articles, information online via mails, social media, websites and many more different ways.

When you are typing your views, chances of grammatical errors are common even if you are a PRO. In fact, if you are a pro making such mistakes can be a public embarrassment for you.

Have you ever wondered, how can you prevent yourself from such public embarrassment and mistakes on your blogs/ websites which can attract a penalty from Search Engines.

What can you do to write perfect error free English which is grammatically correct?

The answer is Grammarly, it is a tool which integrates with your browser & many desktop software and detects more than 250 types grammatical mistakes. It integrates with your browser and detects any grammatical mistakes in your articles, blog posts and even facebook status 😀

It also detects plagiarism by checking your webpage content against over 8 billion webpages.

Once it detects the problem it suggests you the correction. I am not some English Pro, so I tested this tool out & sharing my review.

While writing this article I intentionally made some mistakes and sharing screenshot of how Grammarly corrected the mistakes:

1. When you wrongly spell a word, Grammarly detects & underlines the mistake and in a nice small popup shows errors.  How do you fix these? Check next screenshoterror-1


2. When you hover on the highlighted word, you get suggestions for it, see screenshot below:


3. In bellow example, “early” was spelled incorrectly and Grammatically gave correct suggestion.error3

Similarly, you will get alerts for every incorrect use of pronunciations, missing articles and more grammar related mistakes.

What sort of membership option are available?

Grammarly provides free & premium membership options. Free Membership of Grammarly correct almost all possible grammatical mistakes.

However, if you want a more professional solution and supercharger for your writing performance, you can go for Grammarly Premium.
It checks for 150+  additional point of grammar, provides vocabulary suggestions, checks for plagiarism and more great features.

Get Grammarly For Free or Check Premium Plans Now.

Correct all grammar errors with Grammarly!

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