Blogging Tools Are the Future

September 24, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blogging Tools

Blogging Tools

A common issue that many bloggers have when updating their status is other companies posting without their knowledge. The same goes for when a blog owner wants to share information from another blog that they found. Software like “Known” was made to allow bloggers to control what they post at all times and then organize it elsewhere for future reference.

Avoid Copyright Issues

Many online blogs are professionally managed by a business owner or entrepreneur who wants to promote their activities. A common misconception is that everything on a blog can be easily shared elsewhere. If a blogger wants to add information that was found elsewhere to their website, they need to be original with the post. Copying material that is copyrighted from another blog owner can land them in serious trouble. Avoiding copyright issues is not hard to do. Most of the time, a blog owner can just copy the company name and copyright logo underneath their new blog post. Instead of copying an entire post, the blogger will want to just use quotes or the most important section of another’s blog post.

Tips for Conserving Privacy When Blogging

There are many programs on the Web that use social media websites to share information not always controlled by the user. Most people don’t want their address or phone number posted with their blog updates. Simply checking the blog post after it has been posted from a site like Facebook or Twitter is a good way to make sure this doesn’t happen. This isn’t always the case when companies want to post whatever they want on someone’s message board without their control.

Software to Manage

Programs similar to Known have been invented to allow users a space to organize all of their blog posts in one area. They can have their school homework assignments in one section of their blog while featuring their horse-riding adventure in another. Not only does this help a blogger find information quickly, it eliminates the chance that a spam blog post has been posted. They can instantly find all of their blog posts in one section using the software instead of searching on every social media website that they subscribe to.

Using Software to Customize Blogging Activities

Software created to organize blogging is usually open-source and will require knowledge to set everything up. Many of these programs are still in beta form, and the inventors are partnering with local universities to get more help with setting everything up for students to use. The good news for bloggers is that this software will eventually become mainstream. Blog owners can tell Aunt Susie how their Chula Vista visit was on one part of their website while chatting with their friends in a more private section of their blog.

Blogging Tools

Blogging Tools

A personal blog can be laid out easily with software like Known or WordPress. Open-source software is usually free for public use. Organizing blog posts in separate sections is one of the best ways to return to an old blog post if a blogger needs to.

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