How to use SEM Tools

June 10, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blogging Tools

Marketing your business online is a necessity these days, since most customers will do a web search for a product or service prior to making a purchase. It isn’t always easy to know the best ways to spend your marketing dollars, but using SEM (search engine marketing) tools seems to be on the rise. But the Big question is “How to use SEM tools to reap out the maximum benefit?”
Check out this list of the best SEM tools to find options that will work for your company & read on for more about how to use them.

Keyword Tools
Most marketing professionals are familiar with the term “search engine optimization” or SEO, but it is still one of the most important ways to generate a stronger online presence. When you review data for your keywords, make sure customers have an easy way to get to your site when searching for common words or terms associated with your business. Use creativity and try to think of all the different words that someone might use to come across your site. You should also make sure that any landing pages connecting to keyword searches are user-friendly and optimized for mobile users.

Competitor Analysis
You should also be aware of what your competitors are using as their keywords or for their marketing campaigns. One of the easiest ways to keep an eye on your competitors is to use SpyFu, which you can use to access the content produced by competitors whether they are paying for that spot or have been able to generate an organic marketing campaign. You and your marketing team can use this information to determine how to better increase traffic to the website and landing pages associated with your company.

Analyze the Budget
There are a lot of SEM tools that your company can access for free although they may have limits to how much data they offer in the free version. Experts recommend using these free tools as long as possible since it can help free up budget money to spend in other areas. One of the best ways to improve online marketing initiatives is to look for options that are unique and have results you can track. When you spend the marketing budget without having any data to show for it, the executives might not be as happy with the results.

Understand the Audience
If a potential client does a web search and your ad comes up, the timeline for a click is typically between three and five seconds. If he or she chooses not to click on your ad, the odds of going elsewhere for information are high. When you create your advertising content, be sure to understand your target audience and produce text and images that will appeal to them. You can also use crowdsourcing options to allow outside users to vote on their favorite ads, then use that feedback to develop better content.

As you consider options to invest your marketing money in, be sure to check out these options that will help increase traffic. SEM tools offer effective ways to find out what competitors are doing so that you can make sure to stay one step ahead in the advertising game.

Check out this list of the best SEM tools to find options that will work for your company, and read on for more about how to use them.

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