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Daily Tekk

Since it’s founding in 2012, DailyTekk has become a top Internet destination for consumer-focused startup, app, gadget and Internet product content. Reaching millions of influential tech addicts, Da

OS News

Our goal is to inform our readers with the latest news on a vast range of operating systems and computing environments, from the well-known mainstream OSes, down to small (but also very interesting te

Anand Tech

I started AnandTech as a hobby on April 26, 1997. Back then it was called Anand’s Hardware Tech Page, and it was hosted on a now-defunct free hosting service called Geocities. I was 14 at the ti


BGR is a leading online destination for news and commentary focused on the mobile and consumer electronics markets. It is America’s #1 source of exclusive and breaking mobile news, and a technology

Gadget Review

GadgetReview first broke on the scene back in 2002. Yeah, before the days of blogs and cheap servers. The site was built on a custom content management system and due to resource constraints went dead

The Wire Cutter

The Wirecutter is a list of the best gadgets—like cameras and TVs—for people who don’t want to take a lot of time figuring out what to get. And the Sweethome is our version of the Wirecutter foc

Geek Wire

GeekWire is a fast-growing, national technology news site with strong roots in the Seattle region and a large audience of loyal, tech-savvy readers around the globe, who follow the site for breaking n

tech Dirt

Started in 1997 by Floor64 founder Mike Masnick and then growing into a group blogging effort, the Techdirt blog uses a proven economic framework to analyze and offer insight into news stories about c


TechHive helps you find your tech sweet spot. We steer you to products you’ll love and show you how to get the most out of them. At TechHive, we know that you love technology and make it an active p