Best Fiverr Alternatives to Make More Money Online !

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Fiverr is a wonderful marketplace for making money from small jobs and had been making a lot of buzz around the people , especially Geeks . The Buzz included lot about its launch and success which resulted in up rise of Fiverr alternatives and Fiverr clones.

As you know,Fiverr is like some freelancing site which offers you a $5 per gig (the job you do!!)and of course they take their commissions from you too.

Best Fiverr Alternatives to Make More Money Online !

The buyer pays the Gig Creator for the gig they offer as per needs.For example , If a buyer needs a catchy caption/title for his product at comparatively lower costs he can take look in the fiverr . If he finds someone promising ‘ I will suggest Catchy Captions’ and if the buyer is interested he can pay for that gig creator and get his work done .Pretty cool isn’t it !

Drawbacks Of Fiverr

Even though Fiverr offers us good exposure for gig creators , It doesn’t offer a good amount of money for our hard work. Didn’t get it ? Let me draw your attention to one more example,If a person offers ‘Best professional Photoshop logo editing for $5’ and another one ,as we have mentioned above, offers ‘Attractive quotes for your product for $5 ‘.In this Case the money that both of them are getting the same money per gig (i.e. $5 – $1 =$4 , as they take $1 as commission) and of course the work done by both isn’t the same .But Can we get more than $4 ??

In this post we are going to talk about the Fiverr alternatives to overcome the 4 bucks crisis . After some research we have made a list of Top Fiverr alternatives.The following Sites in the list offers you the same service as fiverr but gives more value for your hard work(More bucks $$$$) .

Top Fiverr Alternatives

Here is the list of Top Fiverr Alternatives for Making More than $4 from your gigs. Lets begin our journey.


Best Fiverr Alternatives to Make More Money Online !

The first preference is always given to GigBucks as it is a popular alternative to Fiverr. It gives all types freelancers to fix the rate for their service. A gig in GigBucks can be found ranging from $5 to $50 .No joining Fee levied.


Best Fiverr Alternatives to Make More Money Online !

This site contains gigs mainly related to SEO, promotions, internet marketing, etc. The Big deal is that it offers you the widest range of amount. You can ask for $1 to $999 for a gig . This Fiverr alternative is best for Webmasters and internet marketers.


Best Fiverr Alternatives to Make More Money Online !

You can find any type of gig as usually for $5 and an awesome deal is that gigs can also be found for multiples of 3; $3,6,9…. $90.This site pays out through Pay Pal and Alert Pay.

Best Fiverr Alternatives to Make More Money Online !

Another Clone of Fiverr.You can find gigs for £5.Payment through Paypal.No withdrawal Charges.

Best Fiverr Alternatives to Make More Money Online !

You can avail gigs from €5 – €50 . Also as they Suggest that one can Buy and sell fiverr services and gifts there.Free Registration.


Best Fiverr Alternatives to Make More Money Online !

Offers Similar service like from $5-$100.Payment through Paypal. Not very active, but still good to have another one in the list.


Best Fiverr Alternatives to Make More Money Online !

OMG.. another Website similar to Fiverr.  similar services , similar interface and the Gigs are too similar($5 gigs & 20% commission ).

Final Words

These were our choice among the top alternatives of Fiverr.Do you have any other list or suggestions .Feel free to put your views in he comment box below.Will try to give reply to your suggestions as soon as possible.

P.S:Any platform you use any site you prefer ,the Objective is the same – Creativity,Skill and Attractiveness.
Good Luck !

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  1. Chity Anis said on April 4, 2013 8:19 pm:

    Yeah That cool cash thanks for adding these informations have a great day ! 😀

  2. onedollarr said on April 5, 2013 9:53 pm:

    he just ad please – the cheapest market at this galaxy

    1. Chity Anis said on April 5, 2013 10:16 pm:

      I’ll Thanks for sharing it 😀

  3. Chity Anis said on April 8, 2013 9:14 am:

    Hi Lan glad to have you here, thanks to the internet everybody has an oppurtunity to make money ,no matter little or big ,but we can still earn money from the internet . However I believe that blogging is the best way to make money online , and affiliate marketing is the best ways to monetize your blog, If you’re willing to tell us more about affiliate marketing you’re very welcome we all want to know how !

  4. bovijoy said on April 28, 2013 12:55 pm:

    I heard about SEOClerks at about the same time I had heard of Fiverr. I joined it (Fiverr) and put up (almost) the same gig that I put up on SEOClerks. On I get quite a lot of orders, without even trying to. I haven’t marketed the link ever, other then use it in my profile signatures, but I don’t think I have ever gotten an order from it. The orders come themselves.

    But on Fiverr, nothing happened, no orders, nothing. So I thought I would make the gig an “Exclusive” one, for I’ve noticed they are seen to be of more value.

  5. Aris Tchoukoualeu said on May 3, 2013 7:42 pm:

    when I heard of Fiverr, I was making few bucks on ebay. selling used electronics, buying and reselling phones from USA to EU.
    But after few order delivered from Fiverr, I got tired quickly, $4 was not worth the time and the skills I was putting into my gigs.
    but it is always a thrill to make some money online, it always feel like free money, even when u know u worked hard for it.
    thanks for all the alternatives and the site you listed, I wish I could give a try to all of them.

  6. Joseph said on May 21, 2013 6:42 pm:

    well, i a am new in this this field, I purchased few gigs from incrediblefive and then i realized that its a fiverr clone. Any suggestion about this website ? Though all my transaction were safe and the sellers have delivered the work on time as promised.

  7. Chity Anis said on June 3, 2013 10:56 am:

    yah brother SEOclercs rocks thanks for stopping by 🙂

  8. Jack said on September 23, 2013 4:36 pm:

    There is also CodeClerks now (by the same owners of SEOClerks) specifically for code/software. If you sell software/code or are a freelance coder, check out that site as well (you can bid on projects in the WTB/WTT).

  9. Devon said on January 20, 2014 2:31 pm:

    Great site!

    Friends of mine started a micro jobs website that accepts dogecoins


    Users can register for free and keep 100% of their earnings.