Can Blogging Help Boost Business?

August 28, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Make Money Blogging

Blogging for Business

In the digital age, businesses can take advantage of blogging in order to reach customers across multiple platforms including desktops and mobile devices. Blogs can be used to make updates about the latest promotions on products or services.

Power Of Blogging For Business

Modern businesses need to take advantage of online resources that could attract more customers. To operate online efficiently, a business needs to have broadband connections. The latest technology such as fiber optics is used to deliver high speed internet to homes and commercial buildings. With broadband, businesses can properly manage their websites by making frequent updates via blogs. Blogging essentially allows webmasters to provide up to date information about specific products and services. When connected to high speed internet, it only takes seconds to upload large files such as high quality photos. Additionally, it might take a few minutes to post a long video clip in HD. Business owners should choose fast download an upload speeds when subscribing to an internet plan by a local service provider.

Selecting The Right Blog Platforms

Webmasters have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a blogging platform that’s designed specifically to reach desktop and mobile users. An open source platform such as WordPress immediately comes to mind when considering online blogs. Blogging templates are essentially designed with unique layouts with placeholders for images, videos, articles and short text based posts. User friendly administrative tools make it easy for webmasters to quickly add content without having to log into web servers via FTP software. These days, it’s possible to update blogs via smartphones and mobile devices such as tablets. By the same concept, blogs should also be optimized to reach mobile platforms. Smartphone and tablet users could receive direct feeds of updates from blog subscriptions. Similarly, RSS feeds could be used to deliver updates to desktop based web browsers.

It’s also critical for blogs to have social media bookmarks for easy sharing. Users should be able to share content from external websites with friends and family on social networks. Widgets and bookmarks facilitate the process of sharing blogs via email, social media and other online methods.

Social Media For Online Outreach

Businesses can also use social media as a platform for blogging. After all, many popular social networks allow users to add quick posts featuring text, photos and videos. It’s also possible to embed links to external websites that might include more in depth articles in a blog format. Any social media based blog should also feature icons that allow readers to print content. Some blogs might have academic value while other blogs could be useful for locating or referencing particular businesses in the future. When making blog posts, it’s a good habit to keep multimedia file sizes to a minimum. Some readers might not have high speed internet and it could take minutes to load images and videos. Posting thumbnails or screen shots of videos instead of full size images is a smart way to optimize content on blogs.

Blogging for Business

Blogging for Business

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