Bought Freedom 251? Top 5 possibilities you will see at the time of delivery.

February 18, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Technology

India is growing at an amazing pace and people are doing crazy things at amazingly low price. A successful real life mars mission is accomplished at at lower cost than than a movie’s budget which was based on Mars Mission.

We got a news of a Mobile Phone named “Freedom 251” yup you heard it right, its not a name of some Operation against terrorists.

The phone is priced at a Jaw dropping.. Jaw Crushing.. Jaw Vanishing price of INR 251 (at-least what they are marketing). At a time when you get a tempered glass or a good quality cover for the same price, how can a company provide the phone at such low cost?

Let’s discuss Top 5 Possibilities you will see by end of June (deadline set by company to deliver the phones)

1. You will get a phone
Starting on a positive note, let’s wish that you will get world’s cheapest phone and you will be proud owner of Freedom 251.

2. Ghanta Milega
If you still remember the Akash Tablet Scam, which got millions of pre-orders, didn’t delivered a big percentage of them saying “Huge Unexpected Order Quantity”

So, may be this one will turn out to be a similar scam or maybe a bigger one (keeping the price and number of possible orders in mind).

In that case, you will get a Ringing Ghanta and that too imaginary as you can’t get a good ghanta for such low cost.

3. You will get an apology letter
“Due to unexpected love showered by our customers, we are unable to fulfill orders at such low price. We got permissions for only 100 phones at that price and we have hidden that in 121st point of our terms & conditions page which was not given on site.”

You can get such a apology letter via mail and you will be promised refund of that amount to your account in next 45 days.

4. Chance to be apart of Dharna
Some great politicians will stage a dharna against Indian Government for sending its authorities to inaugural function of this phone’s launch. The dharna guru will as usual say “Sab mile hue hain ji, 251 main to ek jodi joote bhi nahin aate, ye phone bech rahe the”

Its a common thing now when opposition parties are finding a point to disrupt country. Samose ke saath hari chatni ni di, DHARNA!!
You can be a part of one of those dharna, which will be organized by them.

5. Viju & Subu will get a friend
Mallya & Sahara might get a new friend in June when this all comes out to be a huge scam and the founders are put behind bars.

We like to have a positive attitude and wish from the bottom of our heart that the company delivers all the promises and phones but keeping some important points in mind, we fear that this one can create a bad image for Indian Telecom Industry.

-How can a company sell a phone at such low cost when you do not get a touchscreen & battery for such a low price
-Even a person who will assemble this phone in the manufacturing facility, will be paid more than  250 for that singleday work
-The company website has said over 650 service centers but failed to mention even one
-All phones will be sent via courier, keeping that in mind, it will at-least cost INR 100 to deliver to customer. How will company manage to provide that? (Not confirmed if they are going to charge that extra)
-The company “Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd.” was registered on 16/09/2015, how did they manage to bring out 4-5 phone models in such a short term.

We don’t want to be on the negative side and will look forward to a success for Ringing Bells but the doubts raised by thousands of people are a point of discussion for sure.

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