Gmail Undo Send feature stops sending of email even after pressing send button

June 24, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Technology

In this digital world, we have to send a lot of emails for our business communications, communicating with friends & family and many other purposes.

I send about 20 emails on average in a day to my clients and connections. Due to habit of fast typing and rush to press that send button, many times we send the mail and face problems like:

– Sending mails without attachments, when we were supposed to!
– Sending mail to the wrong person e.g I wanted to send one mail with website password to Paul Johnson but sent it to Paul Wright, in usual situation I will say “Screwed”

You can relate yourself with many such situations where you have pressed the send button by mistake and wished if you could Undo it. Google has now launched UNDO SEND feature of Gmail for everyone & you can also enable it.

If you are using Gmail, using “Undo Send” feature you can cancel sending of mail within 30 seconds of pressing the send button.

To check how to enable Undo feature in Gmail, you can also see the video given below or continue reading this article.

Using this feature, you can prevent yourself from embarrassment in many cases like we discussed above.

How to enable Undo Send feature in Gmail?
In order to enable this feature, you have to Go to Gmail Settings and under General Tab you will see this:

Undo Send:

Send cancellation period:

You just need to check above option and choose the number of seconds for which you can see that Undo Option. To be on safe side, I chose 30 seconds, which is maximum time limit.

Step 1
Gmail Undo Send Feature

Step 2:

Just save and you are done 🙂 So go ahead and activate this feature on your website and share it with your peers, this might save someone’s life 😀

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