20 secret hidden iPhone tricks which only a few are aware of

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You may be a iphone user for long, but only a few are aware of the hidden magic of the ios operating system. Through this you come to know of iphone tips and secret hidden iPhone tricks that can get you out of some brain stabbing difficulties.

These features can help you achieve things quicker and easier, and you would want to know much more.

  1. Custom Ringtones
    Create your custom ringtone based on the music files in your apple device. A ringtone would be a 30 second duplicate of the track. This is user-friendly especially if you do it on the i-phone itself. Create a 30-second track in GarageBand> go to the Share options and choose Ringtone; then assign it to a contact or notification.
  1. Take photos mid videos
    Want to capture a magical moment while recording a video. Just don’t stop recording. Tap the camera button that appears aside the shutter-button. Instead of the true photo sensor, you use the less-impressive sensor. But the pictures turn out extremely well.
  1. Save PDF to ibooks
    Save your web pages and online HTML books to your ibooks by converting it into PDF. When you tap Share, scroll across the apps to find Save PDF to ibooks. Tap it and the web page will be converted and added to your book collection.
  1. Do not Disturb
    Swipe upwards from the home screen to get to the Control Centre and tap the crescent moon icon in the top row. With Do Not Disturb activated, incoming calls and alerts will be silenced. By default, this feature keeps you undisturbed from all activities. You can customize to get notified in special circumstances. There are several options to customize this feature. Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb.
  1. Quickly add symbols
    Add symbols to your text to make it more worthy. Now, this can be done in a simple way. Instead of tapping three buttons- once on 123, once on chosen symbol and last on ABC button, do it in one tap. Tap and hold the 123 button, slide your finger to select the symbol you want to insert, then release. Hold on the symbol for a second to get alternative symbols.
  1. Double tap for full stop
    Save your time by getting a full-stop automatically after a statement. Double tap on the space button to get it done. It’ll add a full stop to the end of the word you’ve just typed, then a space, and then set you up ready to begin the next sentence with a capital.
  1. Stop music with timer
    The clock app of ios is full of surprises. You can set timer for the music to stop playing on your device using this iphone trick.
    To set up the timer, go to the clock app and then tap ‘Timer’ in the bottom right of the screen.  Choose how long you want your timer to last for and then tap ‘When Timer Ends’. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and select ‘Stop Playing’. Press start on the timer and then begin playing your music from the Music app. When the timer ends, the music will fade to a stop. This trick will work for all media players.
  1. Flash blink
    Allow flash to notify you of any phone calls or messages. This flash light will appear in addition to the sound and vibration alerts. Go to Settings > General> Accessibility and scroll down to the “Hearing” section> Turn on “LED flash for Alerts”.
    A flash light blinks next to your rear camera every time your device receives a message.
  1. Switch direction in Panorama mode
    You can change the direction of your Panorama photograph in the Camera app by tapping the arrow that appears in the middle of the screen in the Panorama mode.
  1. Use your headphone to take selfie
    Why purchase a selfie stick when you have one attached to your phone. Tired of getting blurred photos while taking a selfie? Keep your head phones attached and click a snap with the volume key on the head phones.
  1. Mute your keyboard
    By default, the keyboard click noise is linked to the rest of the apple device’s volume settings. So you can turn off the keyboard click noise on an iphone by simply turning down the volume.
    There are several ways to shut down the volume. One is to use the mute slider. This is the rocker switch located on the left-hand side of the iphone, just above the volume control.
    To act against the default and to keep the rest of the sounds except the keyboard clicks ringing, the best way is to use the Sound options in Settings. Scroll down to reveal Keyboard clicks. Set Keyboard clicks to off.
    By using the options in the Sounds area of Settings you can mute the keyboard clicks on the apple device, but still hear other audio such as music and app sounds. Isn’t this one of the amazing iPhone tricks we have discussed? 
  1. Quick access to spotlight search
    Your search technique has been made faster. You can have easy access to this facility from just any home screen. All you need to do is touch anywhere on the home screen (not the top edge, which is reserved for Notification Center). Next, swipe down gently. The screen will drop down and the Spotlight field will reveal itself.
  1. Include more Emojis
    If you’re looking for ways to include more emojis into your texts within nanoseconds, there’s a way for that too. Open Settings, go to General and then to the keyboard. Add Emoji keyboard and you’re ready to use as many emojis as you want in your text. You can use the same settings to access keyboards in other languages.
  1. Use your ears to open Siri
    This is certainly a rare gesture control! You can now open Siri without holding down the Home button. Open Settings, go to General and open Siri. You get an option of ‘Raise to Speak.’ Once you activate this option, the light sensor on the iphone is set to work. Simply press the phone to your ears, and once the sensor detects your ears, Siri will open up.
  1. Set custom vibrations
    Setting custom ringtones are known by everyone, but custom vibrations are a rare feature. Here’s how to do it. Open Settings > General > Accessibility. In Accessibility, you’ll find Hearing. Go here to turn on Custom Vibrations. After turning it on, navigate back to Settings and again open Sounds. At the bottom, you’ll find Vibration Patterns.
    Tap this option and customize vibrations at the bottom of the screen. Simply tap on the pattern you want. You can hold down your finger to get longer notes. Assign these customized vibrations to specific contacts.
  1. Swipe through Safari history
    The latest iOS 7 has bestowed Safari with a gesture-based navigation of its own. Simply swipe from left edge to the right and the screen goes back to previous page of browser history. Similarly, swipe the right edge to left and the screen will take you forward (if you’ve gone back to a previous page). These gestures come in quite handy in finding a particular web page, especially on a tablet or Smartphone.
  1. Save Images right from source
    If you’ve come across a beautiful image that you want as your wallpaper, put your finger on that image and hold it for a second or two. A menu slides from the bottom of the screen where you can find the Save Image option. That’s it. Simply save it and it is ready to adorn your iphone screen. Besides Save Image, you also get an option for copying it to the clipboard. 
  1. Refresh by simply pulling down
    Surprisingly, this gesture’s been around for quite some time, though some iphone users are still unaware of it. It’s a useful and easy shortcut to refresh–just pull down. Whether you’re looking at your Inbox or using an app, pull down the window and all contents of the page are refreshed. When you pull down, you will see an icon or arrow along the top that indicates that you’ve pulled far enough and now the page is refreshed. 
  1. Find the meaning ASAP
    If you want Safari to keep your information intact, then browse secretly. You can go incognito with Safari. Navigate to Settings > Safari, then click the button of Private Browsing. That’s it. Now you can browse secretly.
  1. Quick Navigation of Home Screen and multitasking drawer
    Iphone consists of few gestures that enable users to navigate through the home screen easily and quickly.
    Pinch the screen with four fingers and you’ll get back to the home screen. You don’t even need to click the home button. To get to the multitasking interface, simply swipe, four fingers up. However, if these gestures don’t work on your iphone, then perhaps you need to turn them on. Go to Settings > General, and there you’ll find options for these gestures. Comment in the section given below if you know more amazing iphone tricks.
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