5 great wordpress ecommerce plugins for year 2016

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WordPress is a very robust CMS which is leading the web with highest percentage of website on WordPress. Over the time, WordPress has been developed for more advanced purposes and eCommerce is one of them.
There are several wordpress ecommerce plugins that allows you to add shopping cart on WordPress easily and build a full fledged ecommerce site. Few such commonly known plugins are Woocommerce, WP-ecommerce, WP EasyCart, Simple Paypal Shopping Cart, eshop, Cart66 and others. Using these plugins you can sell gifts, digital products, retail goods, etc. easily on WordPress directly from your on wordpress site.

Let us discuss best wordpress ecommerce plugins one by one.


The most popular and widely used plugin among all is woocommerce that allows you to sell your products in an attractive way. Woocommerce powers more than 30% of all online stores. It integrates very well with WordPress and allows the user full control of its database including product customization, price variations and customer database.

In today’s era of globalization complemented by information technology, digital marketing provides endless space for products and services. With woocommerce you can sell any kind of product anywhere.  It gives a platform through which you can sell both physical and digital goods with ease. The constraint of shapes and sizes no longer exist.

With premium extensions, you can offer bookings, memberships, and recurring subscriptions. 


Another simple to use yet powerful WordPress plugin is WP-ecommerce. With a great backend panel, you can customize your cart to make it look and feel your way. Be it digital downloads, physical stock, memberships or subscriptions, you can sell it all with WP-ecommerce.


Jigoshop is a reliable and secure wordpress ecommerce plugins. It offers themes and designs that can be customized to your taste. Jigoshop has an intuitive dashboard through which you will be able to manage your store in minutes. This WordPress shopping cart allows quick view of the products offered leaving the customers happy.

Setup your web store with tremendous features including stock management, currency configuration, schemes and promotions, payment and shipping gateways, etc. The products can be easily marketed with schemes and promotional offers which can be brought in with the help of effective tools. It has the ability to configure discount coupons on your products.

Cart66 Lite

Cart66 Lite is a light weight, secure and highly efficient plugin for creating any kind of e-commerce WordPress cart. Unlike other plug-ins that create their own database tables for customers, Cart66 Lite takes advantage of built-in WordPress user system for adding customer information to its own page. The unique feature of Cart66 Lite is that it ensures a secure payment gateway. It can be chosen for its shipping and currency options giving your business a global reach. Its other features include- custom fields for products, platform integration, product variations and configuration emails.

WP EasyCart

WP EasyCart is easy to install on any existing or new WordPress blogs and websites. WP EasyCart is now a top performer with the help of years experience and growth. It shows the user what they have in the cart and allows them to change or remove any product at all times. It allows the product to be displayed with good photographic effects and in HD format. You can upload any type of media file including PDF, MP3, JPG, videos, etc. to your wordpress site.

So let’s get on selling. Get ready with your products and you can start promoting them on WordPress. Install any of these wordpress ecommerce plugins and get a store online.

But beware, there are duplicate copies of the plugins available too. Always check on the authenticity of the softwares you use. You can contact the authorized representatives to get surety on that. Happy Selling!!!

We hope you’ll choose the best to power your eCommerce shop and help us prove to you that we really are the best!

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