Introducing WordPress Layers

August 27, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Technology,Website Strategies

Creating a website is easy— but making that website look professional and easy to navigate is another story.

However, it all becomes possible with the help of WordPress Layers—the newest WordPress framework in the market!

So, what exactly is WordPress Layers?

First, you have to understand that it is built exactly on WordPress, and not on top of it. In short, whatever theme you choose, and no matter how much you tweak your site, it will easily work and your site would look neat because Layers works well with the built-in WordPress Customizer!

So, unlike other types of framework in the market, you can expect working with Layers to be easy and hassle-free.

Point-and-Click Interface

Another amazing thing about WordPress Layers is the fact that you simply have to point and click whatever you want to tweak—no need to be an HTML or CSS expert! No more complex editing—you’d see exactly what you want just with the click of a button!

Extendable and OpenSource

Since Layers works on an open-source system, you don’t have to worry about paying for anything, or having to deal with unnecessary updates that just ruin the quality of your site.

Aside from being able to choose all the themes that you want, you could also improve this framework by sharing your creative input on GitHub!


What else can you expect from WordPress Layers? Read on and find out.

  • Dynamic Typography. You see, the problem with most blogs is that while the content is good, the fonts are just ridiculous, which makes it hard for you to read the content. Thankfully, you would not experience this with Layers. Instead, your readers will get the best reading experience, thanks to an excellent kind of line-height adjustment that’s perfect for any website.
  • Reactive Design. WordPress Layers is actually very intelligent. You know why? Well, it’s because Layers directly adjusts to whatever kind of content you have. Therefore, your pages would look balanced— no more awkward spacing, improper coloring, and the like!
  • Flexible Grid Structure. WordPress Layers also makes use of a 1,000-page grid. This means that adjustment would be easy, and your pages would be extremely flexible. This also means that there would be a proper balance of text, images, audio, or video on a certain page. Your content would look coherent—which means that they’d look professional, too!
  • Drag-and-Drop Widgets. As mentioned earlier, you do not have to be a CSS or HTML expert just to make sure you’d provide your readers with good content— and a professional-looking website. With Layers, you can just use widgets, drag and drop them all over your page, and reorganize them based on how you want your site to look.
  • Powerful Design Bar. This design bar is revolutionary. Imagine, instead of working on complicated and dizzying codes, you can just write what you want to be seen onscreen, and click on the choices that you think would suit your pages the most. Basically, you could tell Layers what you want and it would do the job for you!
  • Google Font Integration. The Google Font Library also works best with WordPress Layers. Once you have it integrated with the said framework, you’ll easily know the right font combinations to use for your blog name, headings, and for the content itself. This way, people will easily recognize your brand, and you’ll be able to improve the aesthetics of your website.
  • Dynamic Content.While other websites and other WordPress frameworks would just let you write your content with suggesting how to make it better, Layers won’t do that. With the Dynamic Content option, you’ll be prompted as to what else you need to add to your piece, which images are powerful, and how else you could make your content worth reading!
  • Best of all, it’s absolutely free!You can download WordPress Layers for free—and take note that it will always stay that way—all for your convenience!


Powerful and Professional

Remember, a great website isn’t just one that has good content. It also has to be aesthetically perfect. Content, and aesthetics always work together—and with the help of WordPress Layers, your website would be able to have that, and more!


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