How To Make Your Blog Appeal to a Younger Audience

November 15, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blogging Guide

The vast majority of blog readers fall between the age bracket of 19-35.  Appealing to this audience group ensures an increase of overall success for your blog.  Whether your blog is just for self-expression, or you created it with the intent of making money from it, knowing your blog is a success is satisfying.

By having plenty of readers in the ideal target age group, the probability of being re-published on a major online publication increases, as well as your chances of going viral by re-posts on social media.

Running a successful blog relies completely on how much of an audience you have.  The more audience that your blog attracts, the more it is deemed “successful.”  Follow these tips for appealing to the ideal audience, and increase your chances for success.


Use Images

Bright colored images which relate to your content is a common trait of some of the most popular blogs amongst 19-35 year-old readers.  Often a funny meme or an image that directly expresses the text above it is a great way to increase the expression of the point you’re trying to make.

When inserting images, try to choose a reasonable size that fits within the body of text of your blog.  If you choose an image that completely overtakes the page then it’s visually off balance, and unpleasing to the eye. Instead, choose the size option known as “best fit” to ensure your blog looks professional and clean.


Reference Pop Culture

Making references to popular culture creates a relatability amongst a younger audience.  If you are able to reference something funny or relevant that happened in celebrity news or other trendy events, you will give your younger readers a sense that you are current and in touch with modern references.

Some of the best places to keep up with pop culture online are TMZ. People Magazine, and Huffington Post. Don’t have time to read all these articles? Sign up for news notifications on your smartphone.  On your home screen, your phone will display thumbnails of the most current news of your choice with a brief summary. This is a great way to keep up with events without actually having to read the entire article.


Use Conversational Language

In order to create a more relatable and conversational tone which readers of this age appreciate, try forgetting your English 101 class, and instead type in the same way that you would speak.  Your spelling and grammar should still be correct, but it’s not necessary to sound like a piece of literature.

When blogging, conversational beats literary any day.  As an experiment, try enabling dictation on your phone, and take a look at what you’ve talked about after.  You might be surprised how your writing style will change when it comes from your mouth.



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