Why should you add Video to Your Content Marketing Arsenal

March 22, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blogging Guide

Along with the development of modern day technology, marketing experts have started using versatile means to attract the target audience, with the video content currently being all the rage. Online videos have become the crucial means of obtaining the desired information in a short time. Over the next 12 months’ time span, it is predicted that 64% of business will use videos as their dominant marketing strategy.

How to do it

Successful online strategies are based on strong content marketing. Strong campaigns use witty and humorous motives to attract viewers. After going viral, some of them have turned their statement videos into a brand of its own. Most successful videos have humor injected in them, do not last long and have a reference to consumers’ needs.

Here we are, entertain us

In order to grasp the idea behind target-reaching witty videos, you should explore viral ones done by Volvo, Virgin America and other companies that realized the need to make a difference by bringing mundane to mesmerizing. An example of such a successful campaign is very popular and utterly hilarious videos done by company called Allstate. With the reference to popular culture and well-known film Reservoir Dogs, the company opted for creating a character who is today the metaphor for the company itself.

Is it entertainment only?

However clever and funny those commercials may be, they have an enormous effect on companies’ doing business. Based on a good visual identity, viral videos attract a large number of audience who will probably be the consumers, but, more than that, this kind of marketing raises website visits and, best of all, if the video is really a good one, it attracts visitors from other websites, too. The traffic around the video can reach unsurpassed heights.

What kinds of companies should use it?

No matter what your business and its size are, you can most surely benefit from implementing video to your content marketing arsenal. Some of seemingly mundane tasks have been brilliantly depicted in the videos and have risen awareness about companies. Would you fancy watching a commercial about printing? If put this way, you would hardly think about it, but if given the right video, soon you would be sharing all over your social media content related to commercial printing. With introducing witty videos, this nowadays viral company which is renowned for its printing services.

They created a video every person could relate to, brought it to a higher level by introducing references to pop culture and implementing slow motion in the crucial moment when the desired product appeared. The mind behind the design of this video came up with brilliant slogan shown in the end “printing without drama”, which soothes a viewer who was just a couple of seconds ago immersed into a dramatic struggle of a man against machine.

Should you be a technical whiz to create a viral one?

Production costs have fallen and video editing software is today as user-friendly and easy to use as any other editing applications. Furthermore, you should approach this topic by broadly thinking if you want to spread your video content worldwide. It is vital that you dedicate attention to all devices videos can be played on, and to make them appear in those in the best possible way. Include your social networks as well – spread the content and let it be shared. However, even though you do not need to be a technical wiz, you definitely need to be or hire some able to produce remarkable gripping story that the relevant viewer is hardly likely to forget. Whatever story you choose to show, be creative. No matter how expensive the video content production is, it all falls down if there is no creativity.

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