3 Cool Ways to Cash in With Twitter Marketing

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So I’ve been working with a client lately to build a Twitter following in her niche because she already spends a lot time on Twitter anyway. It’s easy to just get lost in the chatting and tweeting and not profit from this highly lucrative market.
3 Cool Ways to Cash in With Twitter Marketing

Why is Twitter Marketing So Good?

When you can find people that are actively seeking answers to their problems from other people, and you show up as the solution to their problem, then you are automatically an expert in their eyes. You’re their hero…unless you’re a scammer.
Twitter Marketing Testing and Tactics

Twitter Marketing Testing and Tactics

Okay, I have to admit that I have yet to test this method enough, but it is more or less a cash on demand method of reaching a specific audience. I call this the Twitter ‘Swoop In’ method, compliments of somewhat well-known direct marketing and Internet marketing millionaire BJ Dolla.
Okay, so you have a product or an affiliate link, and you have not built up a huge amount of traffic to your website as of yet. A key thing to do is go where your market is. That means Twitter, Facebook, Google+, wherever they happen to be hanging out, and join the conversation.
I use “Twitter Search” and other live search engines like Topsy.com and SocialMention.com to find fresh conversations going. Then, I just answer people’s questions. Today, the phrases I searched were “I need more money” and “money making.”
Test the effectiveness of different phrases after you get going.
And, because I have a great opportunity for anyone to make more money with no work at all on their part, I was excited to share it. It is the first phone app thathas created a cool profit sharing model with everyone.
I am the type of person that is really reluctant to share anything unless I know that it’s good and will help them. So, I’ve held off on Twitter marketing other affiliate marketing opportunities. But, this one promises to create insane income for those that work at it, and a good amount $2,000+ per month for those that remain users for a while (and decided not to market it).
A Traditional Twitter Marketing Strategy

 A Traditional Twitter Marketing Strategy

Of course, another way to get eyeballs to your offer is to set up the link to your lead capture page directly from your Twitter account. Then, follow between 20-50 people per hour, for about 3 hours a day. Keep the following numbers low to avoid getting banned by Twitter.
Just out of curiosity, people will visit your site to see if they should follow you back. But, just imagine if your bio is something that is enticing like.       Working hard for money? That’s a thing of the past for me since I discovered this: http://goo.gl/Xu7XN
To really benefit from this traditional strategy, you will need to focus daily, and unfollow those that have no interest in following you or what you have to offer. It is a best practice to follow the leaders in your niche (those that have a lot of followers) and follow those people that are following them that are active in conversations.
I cannot tell you how many dead Twitter accounts there are out there.
Final Words on Twitter Marketing

Final Words on Twitter Marketing

So you already know that you have to be present to really benefit from Twitter, so using software like TweetDeck is a no brainer if you really intend to cash in with this free marketing strategy.
If you select to automate some of your Tweets with tools like Hootsuite, make sure that you are monitoring @ replies, and make sure that you are offering 80% valuable content 20% offers. Twitter Marketing really should be thought of as direct marketing with less space. So, if you study direct marketing, you can get really good at it.
But, the most important thing to remember is that over time you really should establish yourself as someone who contributes value to their market not just pitches. So, if you are someone who can market deals along with affiliate products, you’re golden.
If you’re someone sharing valuable content on a blog about their interests, your followers will stick around. And, treat Twitter like you’re talking to real people for Pete’s sake!
BEST MONEY MAKING OFFER EVER!!!  is somewhat lame. Find and share the best content and deals with those that are following you. Because ideally, you will be moving your Twitter followers from just a list of Twitter followers to active members of your tribe (people on your email subscription list that want emails about new things you’re doing or offering).
Unique traffic is great. But, repeat visitors who have warmed up to you are more likely to buy from you.

Go Get Some Money Today Guys:)
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