4 Times to Blog About Business Security

November 14, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Writing Tips

Hacker Attack

Here’s a conundrum: Should you be posting about the security measures your business is taking, or is that cluing in criminals about potential weak spots. The answer is it depends both on just how strong your security is and your goals for sharing that information. There are many major businesses that challenge white hat hackers to find weak spots as a means of strengthening their own security while sharing with others what they’ve learned. However, there’s a reason only corporations do this.

It’s risky enough out there trying to wrangle IT asset security without welcoming an attack. From website hacks to major security breaches, hackers are on the prowl to try and prove they can outsmart companies. However, you might just be in a good position not only to take on the challenge, but share your experience with others. Here’s when blogging about your security might work in your favor:

  1. You’re in the security business yourself

Whether you’re a startup focused on web security or you operate a home alarm system company, security is your bread and butter. Teaching what you know has always been the smoothest path, and Lifehacker agrees, so it gives you plenty of fodder for material. If security’s your business, then why not share the steps you’re taking to secure your own livelihood?

  1. There was a recent attack in your industry

People tend to lump all industries together, so even if there was a major security breach at a florist across town, your customers might be wary you’re in the same boat as them. That other florist might have been your biggest competitor, and even though Forbes says competition is a great thing sometimes it can backfire. Yes, you’re kind of cleaning up someone else’s mess, but you’ll still benefit.

  1. There was a recent attack at your business

There are two things you can do if your business was the victim of a security attack: Ignore it and bury it in unrelated positive news, or address it and let people know the steps you’ve taken to fix it. Your attorney or PR pro can advise you on the best approach, but sometimes fessing up and working with (and for) your customers is best.

  1. You just secured cutting edge security

If you’re an early adopter of the latest, tested and proven security, that’s something to brag about. It might also passively highlight how your competition is falling behind. When you acquire something new and great, you get one free blog post to brag about it.

Hacker Attack

Hacker Attack

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