Blogging Through Sexuality

March 26, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Writing Tips

Teen’s Blog

When teenagers come of age, so to speak, it can be a difficult time. Depending on what they are feeling, and who they are feeling it for, it can be hard for them to talk to anyone about it. While, as a parent, you want to be their for your teenager when they are confused about their sexuality or thinking about having sex for the first time, you know that parents are not always the first people teens go to for sex talk or advice.

Instead of putting your child on the spot, there are alternative ways to help them work through their sexuality. Blogging can be a great way for both parents and teens to get their feelings, worries and thoughts out. Blogs can be done so that others can read them and help out with their own advice or thoughts. They can be done as an alias, so that there is no worry of repercussions for their feelings or sexual choices. Blogs can also be completely private, just like a diary.

The Parent’s Blog

As the parent of a teen you may want to start a blog that talks about your openness to different sexual orientations, your thoughts on how sex is something people that love each other do, and any other opinions you have. As a parent you can share your blog with your teenager. This allows them to know how you feel without feeling embarrassed while you corner them for a sexual discussion.

You can’t keep quiet when it comes to teens and sex if you are the parent of a teenager, but you also want to make sure your teen hears you. If you tell them about sex in a way that makes them uncomfortable they are less likely to get what you are saying.

The Teen’s Blog

Teens are less likely to want mom or dad to read their thoughts and opinions on sex. Let your teenager keep their blog private, but encourage them to have one. It can be therapeutic for them just to get the thoughts out of their head. They may also want to have their blogging available to their peers, which can actually sometimes be helpful.

Don’t discourage your teen from talking to other people their age about sex and sexuality. However, do encourage them to then talk to you about what they’ve learned so you can verify that they aren’t being exploited in any way.

Turn this blogging adventure into something that your teen and you can share and you may actually learn something from one another. It shouldn’t be hard to talk to teens about sex, it’s something everyone does, sooner or later. You just need to find a way to make the topic interesting to them, like with the blogging idea.

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