Why You Need a Real Estate Blog

January 30, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Writing Tips

Real Estate Blog

A real estate blog is an essential marketing tool for any real estate business. It gives you the platform to talk about the area you cover including local happenings, special events and other specific items that will attract people to the area to buy property from you. You can position yourself as an expert on the region including the trends in real estate prices.

How Your Blog Aids Marketing

When you have a regular blog, you have the opportunity to invite interested parties to subscribe to your newsletter or to have your blog delivered to their inbox. You can talk about your town and its attractions, give advice on homeownership, gardening tips for the area or any subject that will interest a property owner. As explained on Convert with Content your blog is the main part of your content marketing. It will help you get found on line, get reviews from other bloggers and rank high on search engines.

Tips for Writing a Good Real Estate Blog

  • Write for your readers and not for search engines. Search engine optimization may be important for getting a high ranking for your website on search engines, but your blog has a much wider purpose. Keywords may attract people to your website once or twice, but an interesting and useful blog will bring them back again and again.
  • It takes time to write a good blog. You need to be ready to give it enough time to produce the best results. A badly written blog or a poorly conceived one can do more harm than good.
  • The more posts you can manage, the better. One post each week is the minimum you should do, and three per week is better. If you wonder how you’ll get enough material for three blogs a week, think about your community and how you want your potential customers to view it. You can blog about local events, school activities, local restaurants and proximity to larger attractions such as skiing in the nearby mountains or a day at the local beach. If you have employees, let them write a blog once in a while. You can also employ professional writers online to write your blog if you give them the topic.
  • Read your competitor’s blog in your locality as well as real estate blogs from other parts of the country. You can even subscribe to them and get pointers and ideas for your own blog. Also, listen to the questions your customers ask. They offer a gold mine of subjects about which to blog.

Blogs can either be ignored by the public or go viral. The middle ground is you get a medium-size readership. However, it takes time to build a loyal following, even if you have a super-entertaining blog. Simply by having new material on your website that is customer-friendly will help search engines choose you to get the high ranking.

Real Estate Blog

Real Estate Blog

If you enjoy what you do and like to talk about it, your real estate blog will become a must-read.

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