Guest Post Series: Effective Method to Represent Old Topics Anew

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What is a post series?

When you have a good topic to talk about and good knowledge which you can share with your readers, you can start a post series on your blog.
In a post series, you split the an area of knowledge or a topic into multiple posts and share it with your readers one by one.

These days nothing is unique, think about a topic and thousands of blogs will pop for the same topic. Due to this even skilled blogger face difficulties in creating unique content which readers will love to read and find different.

Sometimes, there are no more new ideas in your mind and you have a big question in front of you- “How to keep your readers loyal to your blog?” or “How to prevent them from searching another option of news?”

You can present old subjects in complete new frame with the help of post series strategy.

How does a post series work?

A post series helps both the blog owner and readers in many ways.

1. It will give your readers a lot of time to understand the important thing: If you are writing about a topic which needs about 10000 words to describe and has more points, splitting it into a guest post series is a good idea. No will like to read a 10000-word article and even if they read, they won’t remember all of it.
So, users will love to read the blog post series and will be curious & wait for the next post. They will keep looking for other topics and over a period, a reader loyalty will be in place. But, make sure you don’t give too much gap between the posts as no one likes to wait too much.

2. It increases your blog loyalty and readership: When you create a post series and write your first post which is commonly know as pilot post, most of the genuine readers will come back to look for next post or some other information related to your blog niche. This will set your blog’s image as an authority for that specific field. Do it more and more users will be loyal to you.


What issues does the post series solve?
A post series solves a lot of issues for readers and blog owners and we are discussing some major points:

1.If you are a blog owner, you won’t have to search for the next post topic if you have planned a post series. You know that you have to split a topic into multiple sections and in most of the cases, you will have a backup of about 5-10 articles.

2. Excitement: For bloggers, being excited about their blog & loving it is most important. Very often, people lose interest in their blog due to lack of topics to write about. With a post series, you have enough time to think about next posts or post series.

3. Branding: Good post series can brand you as an expert in your field and can become a source of business for you. So, write the best you know about your industry and brand yourself.

4. Search Engine Optimization: Posting about the same topic in a detailed manner and in a number of posts will help your blog to rank in search engines. Just make sure to use some specific keywords that define your topic in all the articles and interlink all the posts.

5. Followers: Integrate social media properly your blog and there are a lot of chances that people will start following you on social media in order to be updated about any new content on your site. Followers mean reputation on social media, so it will directly increase your reputation.


How to promote a post series?

You can generate interests and curiosity with guest posting service. You have to build relationship with other reputed bloggers and site owners. Everyone is looking out to expand their network, so it won’t be difficult for you to link to some blog owners.
You can write new article and advertise your series in it or place a short review of your content in a decent way. In some cases guest posting can provide you more traffic than publishing new content on your own website.

You can write guest posts yourself or outsource it to professional writers. Just take care of these great tips for writing blog posts.

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